Drop Off

Please be on time for your appointment, as our schedule is disrupted when a client is late. We reserve the right to re-book appointments if someone is more than 15 minutes late.

We appreciate a courtesy call if you are unable to keep your appointment, which allows us to re-book that time. No shows or same day cancellations will be charged $25 per pet at next visit. After 2 no shows we require pre-payment at the time of booking. We give reminder calls the night before your appointment to help avoid this issue.

Please ensure your dog has had time to relieve itself prior to drop off.

Pick Up

Please pick up your pet promptly at the time given to you. Pets not picked up within 30 minutes of that time will be subject to a $15 day care fee.

Please call to let us know if a problem occurs, and we will work with you.

Pets not picked up within 30 minutes of closing will be subject to a $50 boarding fee and your pet will not be able to be picked up until the next day.

Please DO NOT show up early for pick up. Once your pet is aware of your presence, it may be impossible to safely finish grooming him/her. We will still charge full price for an unfinished groom.

How often should my pet be groomed?

Fluffy cut – 4 to 6 weeks
Short, not shaved – 7 to 9 weeks
Shaved – 10 weeks or longer

For dogs who do not require a haircuts we recommend every 8-12 weeks.

Too long between grooms increases matting which adds risk of injury and discomfort for your pet.


Due to the nature of our business there is always a chance your pet may come in contact with fleas. We do not accept pets with fleas, however it is possible that they could be missed at check-in.

Country Paws will not accept liability for your pet contracting fleas during their stay. If your pet brings fleas into the shop, there will be a $25 clean up fee added to your groom.


This is a crate free shop, unless you tell us that you prefer your pet to be crated.